A Year Past

Wow, almost a year gone by and here I am, looking back over the past of my life, our life.  I can't believe all the things I have missed sharing...but it is what it is...time for the here and now.

Today, the sun is shining and it's warm and beautiful outside.  Papa is feeling a little under the weather but headed off to work and mama woke up with a sore throat but isn't going to let it overpower me.  My boys, my future...you are both well.  Kaeden sent me numerous messages after I returned him to school, keeping in touch, keeping me updated on his life and times with friends at his home awaw from home.  Jari has exams today, French and more French, and tomorrow a last Nederlands exam before he's free for Easter vacation.

This weekend we took you guys to your big night at the VIP game in Genk.  It wasn't all you expected, but you both still enjoyed yourselves and I especially liked that it was such a memorable experience you could share together.  Mama and Papa went to dinner and a movie, which we haven't done for years.  A real date, just the two of us.  It was really nice knowing we had raised you guys and now had time for us, while you both could take care of yourselves to some degree.  It made me consider what our future will be...and made me proud of all of our accomplishments.

It's now lunchtime.  Jari, you are home from your tests saying they were easy and thinking you will have high scores.  That wouldn't be unusual for you, my little overachiever.  I only hope your desire to learn and be successful stay with you always, though I sometimes worry you put far too much pressure on yourself.  And Kaeden, thank you for a peaceful, easy weekend.  I know it is hard for you and takes lots of energy to make it okay for all of us, but seeing your glowing smile when Eef asked how everything went makes me know how badly you also benefit from happy weekends together.

So, that's the start after a year of absence.  The sun is shining and so is my heart.