This weekend I took the time to paint my nails. It's not something I typically do as with my bad habit of biting I don't like drawing attention to them. However, I have been trying not to bite my nails, and decided to give myself a little color for the Easter holidays. Red, to be precise.

We were driving to oma and opa's house for Easter afternoon and I was sitting in back with Jari. He kept looking at me with a funny little glint in his eyes. "Do you like mama's nails?" I asked him. "Do they look pretty?"

He looked at me and shook his head no. "Why not?" I asked him.

"Those color nails are for some lady with a different body than you," he told me.

"What? Do you mean I need to be skinny to have red nails?" I asked him.

With a giggle and a furious yes-shaking head he told me: "Yeah, you need to be skinny to have red nails like that, mama!"

So much for feeling pretty.


So this is blogging... said...

Where do they come up with ideas like that anyway?????

Tanya @ Teenautism said...

They get such crazy notions in their heads!

Karine - Autism In Mind said...

And they have such a knack to say those things with utter charm! :-)
Love to all.