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  1. Michael Jackson. The King of Pop. A couple days back I was channel surfing and saw a new show: My Name Is Michael. All these Michael Jackson fans are singing his songs, dancing his dances, while trying to win the contest of the best Michael Jackson impersonator. What I don't get is why when he was alive, all we heard about was his dirty deeds with little kids, his plastic surgery, and his strangeness. And now, he's dead, and suddenly the whole world loves Michael. I don't quite understand this about people. How we always put others down and judge them while alive, yet faced with their death we idolize them. Why can't we support them in life? It happens even in the most everyday faces, not just with celebrities. How many times has a teenager died in a car wreck and then teachers, parents, kids are on the news telling us how wonderful they were, all the good they brought to the world...yet the kid never knew it as it remained unspoken in life. I think we need to start finding more positives with people while they are in our lives, breathing and living.
  2. Wednesday Jari and I made a bus trip to attend Kaeden's birthday party at a bowling alley with his group of housemates. When the kids arrived, I was happily surprised by their unexpected thankfulness towards me for giving them a chance to go bowling. I got a picture from one of the kids, and handshakes saying thanks from all of them. When I handed out cupcakes, I was told how good I can bake, and thank you yet again. I was happy to hear all of this as I think it is something Kaeden will learn being in his home. Grateful, thanks, respect. In addition, I got a chance to watch Kaeden interact with his new friends, and I absolutely loved every second of it. Watching my son surrounded by other teens playing a game and enjoying themselves doing it is all I ever needed to feel a deep satisfaction. I received it.
  3. I had a few more appointments concerning my hand/arm this week, and the doctor is concerned about my progress (as am I). He ordered additional tests and today I went in for a bone scan. He's leaning towards something called CRPS or PD which is a form of dystrophy. It really concerns me as it can be a chronic problem, and treatment sounds a bit scary. I'm trying not to think to much about it til I get a diagnosis, but in the back of my mind I am worrying. I know something is up, but will be relieved to figure out what it is and what we need to do from this point. I hope the results are positive for my recovery, but whatever happens, I just hope it's not one of those "Hmmm, I'm not sure what's going on..."kind of games doctors often seem to play.
  4. The past few days I have seen a positive change in Jari. He's actually been saying please and thank you and been a bit calmer. I like this change in him and it makes me feel proud to call him my son. The last months he's been turning wicked, and I haven't really enjoyed being with him all that much. He's mouthy, mean, wild, and flat out doesn't listen. I hope we're at a turning point, because I sure do love the sweet kid he is when his attitude is what it has been the past couple days. I like feeling respected by my child.
  5. Soccer is cancelled again for the third week :-( I miss watching Jari play and I miss the weather being nice enough to get outside in the fresh air to release some energy. Soccer has become a huge part of our family life and there is something missing without it dictating our wekends.

So, there's a bit of stuff. Life, as life is in my reality.


Jen R. (emeraldsunshine.org) said...

I'm glad Jari is giving you a little relief.

Jade said...

Hi my friend. I'm not exactly sure why people have for some reason forgotten about their finger pointing and accusations in regards to Michael Jackson. Next thing you know we'll be hearing "George Bush was a fantastic president!!!" People have a tendency to forget I suppose..

As far as K. That was a awesome update. It lifts my heart to hear that he's making progress with things, which then allows you to make progress with things in your own life.

Your hand...well.. I will pray for you girly. I can't believe all of the shit that has gone on in caring for that hand. I had breast cancer and it wasn't as involved as the care of your hand. If God would just grant me that magic wand I've been praying for, I'd whip it around and POOF your hand would be good as new, I'd have perfect boobs, and we would have world peace... I'll keep praying for that wand ;-)

And Jari... hmmm I'm curious... what have you changed around the house to support Jari's change? They normally go hand and hand. Environmental change= behavior change. ;-) Whatever it is, I'm very happy to hear taht its working!

Have a peaceful weekend my friend, and know that you're being thought about.

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

That is so encouraging about Kaeden's housemates at the bowling party! So glad to hear it. But I'm sorry to hear about your hand concerns. I can only imagine how difficult that must be. I'll be thinking of you, hoping you get some answers soon.

Anonymous said...

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