Today marks a first for us. Today, after soccer camp, we'll have a special guest come stay at our house. Today, Jari has his friend coming to spend the night...for the first time ever! And boy oh boy, is he excited!!! All he has talked about for a week is the upcoming sleep over and what he and his friend will do. All he has considered is where they will sleep, what they will eat, what movie they will watch. He is so excited!

Many of Jari's plans have to be put on stand-by due to Kaeden's behavior issues. Having friends come spend the night is not an option when we don't know how Kaeden will react to the extra stimulus, what may cause him to blow. It isn't fair to our youngest, and though we realize this, it's also unfair to put another child into a situation where he'll be subjected to an outburst. So, though many of Jari's friends have had sleepovers, Jari has of yet been unable to have this rite of passage. However, that all changes with this afternoon.

While the boys are at soccer camp and Kaeden happily and safely tucked away at his home away from home, I'm going to set up a tent, blow up some airbeds, and create a mini-camping for them to arrive home to. Jari plans to have his friend help him work on his hut in the farmer's field, but after dinner it will be a movie and popcorn and cookies in their little getaway hidden in Jari's room. "Can we stay up til 10 mama?" he asks with his eyes shining. "Can we eat cookies and have hot chocolate and watch a movie til it's dark?" "Do you think Xander will like sleeping in a tent? What if we get scared? Can I wake Xander up in the morning? What if Papa is already gone to work when we wake up and Xander won't even see him? Do you think my pyjamas will fit him (in case his mama forgets to pack his, of course.)?"

The questions are unending, the excitement filling his mind and body with stress. He can't believe this little treat has been offered. He can't believe he's finally having a friend come spend the night. He can't believe he's finally big enough to take on this type of party.

And his excitement is working it's way over to me. "What should I make for dinner? Do you think Xander likes....., are you guys going to take showers or a bath after training? What movie are you going to watch before bed? Should I let you stay up til 10 when you have another full day of training tomorrow?" This sleepover party is exciting. I remember back to my own sleepover experiences and how much I enjoyed spending the night with a friend. How much fun it was to have a friend come stay with me. How the rules changed and gave me more freedom. And now, it's happening with my son, for the first time ever in our home. I better get that tent set up as promised, because though it's just hours away, 4 pm can't get here soon enough! It's so exciting!


Anonymous said...

Oh, fun! I loved sleepovers as a kid :) Have fun, mama.


Breigh said...

Sleepovers were my favorite thing ever as a child! It sounds like he's going to have a great evening with his friend, especially getting to sleep in a tent, how cool!!

You should just make hot dogs or pizza or something. Kids love that shit :P

Xander, that's my husband's name :D Not many of those out there!