The Witching Hour

Yes, the story is real...the good witch, the bad witch, the witch of the west, the witch of the south...all those witches. Well, here in the Wisconsin farmlands live a few witches. Just ask Jari. And yeah, they're a little scary, but mostly just pretty darn intriguing. Tonight we took a ride to witch Priscilla's house, an old deserted school house down the road. We walked into the dilapidated old building and brave little Jari searched for Priscilla. He wanted to share a cup of eye ball tea with her. Well, we didn't find her, but she found us and captured mommy and threw mommy into the closet. Jari was ready to save mommy and came in search of me when witch Priscilla threw me out from the secret door and we left her house in a hurry. Her long black hair had captured me like a spiderweb.

Well, fast-forward an hour...witch Priscilla (aka Great Aunt Joanne) dressed in her black cape best and pointy witchy hat and ran off into the forest. When we went on a little walk to see the woods, witch Priscilla chanted from among the trees. And scared the living begeebuz out of brave little Jari. The picture of fear was etched on his face as he clung to mommy as I assured him it was Aunt Joanne. As I tried to reassure him that it was okay, just a funny joke, but he was having a difficult time believeing me. He finally ran back through the path into the garden where he ran into Uncle Scott. Witch Priscilla is now a thing of the past....and I hope that the racing fear beating through his heart is now soothed with lots of hugs and cuddles and extra handfuls of candy. He says he is okay...and I believe he is...but never again will I let a witch capture my son in fantastical fear. What was all good fun, ended in disatser...but even so, Jari is still thinking about going back to Witch Priscilla's house and share a cup of eyeball tea with her. The disaster is over and out.

In other news, I watched cat Mystic pounce on a mouse and then eat it up by the front door. It's tail hanging from her mouth she looked up at me...and it just totally grossed me out. Yeah, I grasp the concept of the circle of life, predators and prey, but still...ya know?! And then, when it wa the middle of the night and I was sound asleep on my pillow, I felt something laying next to me. It was the cat, with the mouse tail a vision perpetrating my eyeballs, and I shoved her out of my bed...EWWWWWW!!! I love animals, but just EWWWWW!!!!

So, we're having a grand adventure. Witch Priscilla (aka Great AUnt Joanne) is playing a card game with brave little Jari...trying to make up for our plunder this afternoon. And me, well, I can now laugh as Jari's face is again the face of a peaceful, happy little boy. And that's what really makes a mam's heart smile. (and a Great Aunt Joanne aka Witch Priscilla as well.)


Alison said...

great story...I love it..sounds like something I would do to my poor children!!! sounds like you are having a fantastic time!!

Papa said...

echt zielig!!!

Claudia said...

LMAO!!! I love, love, love imagination and fun, and stories...and yes, even witches!!

Alison said...

I have something for you...come over and see!!

Amanda said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERA! I hope you had a lovely day with your 2 boys and family in the USA! We miss you! Cant wait to see you again. Love Amanda xoxoxox