Let me set the scenario: Opa picks up his cell phone from the cupboard. The boys are there, being little snots, trying to play keep-away with his phone. Opa says: You don't try to take someone's phone. (Or something like that...I was only kinda half-involved in the encounter, so I dunno the ENTIRE story...but just something like this...you get the idea....)

Jari: That's not a phone. It's a GSM!

(GSM is the term used for cell phone here...dunno what they call it in the US. Just like texting is called SMS here. See why I am falling behind teh US jargon and have no idea what people are talking about 1/2 the time?)

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Jade said...

Didn't know GSMs were cells. Learn something new every day...

Hey, hows K doing with the morning routine?