Just A Different Kind of Tuesday

Tuesday, I woke early and got everyone off to school, work, and the train so I could share a day out with my girlfriend. We headed to a town not far from our normal haunt, but someplace else entirely and quickly realized we had made a mistake in our choosing. There was nothing to do. Not even any of the cafe's we came across were open. So, we walked through the rain and finally discovered a nature store open. Went in and had a peek around and ended up buying flaxseed oil. Why not give it a shot. Maybe I can remember something longer than a day. We then got back in the car and went to the outlet mall. There, we ended up shoe shopping, and though neither of us found anything we loved enough to buy (or was in our price range...darn Dolce and the 250 euro pink heels!), we had a fun time poking around. We made McD's our lunch stop, which was just what we both needed. Over lunch, the conversation was everything I needed. Girl talk. Two friends baring their hearts. A few misty eyes and many laughs. Friendship. Just what girls need. We headed back to the car in a flurry of snow that was already sticking to the pavement. Brrr....

And then we found the kringloopwinkel (second hand store). These are my very favroite places to shop. Sometimes you can find just what you need without knowing you needed it. I got a few English books which is always welcome, esp as I just finished my other 2 books this week. And a brand new set of Valentine's Day dice which I plan to extend to my husband and actually use them...Kiss, Lick, Touch...sounds like a winning combination to me. We'll see where it leads.

After dropping Lisa off at the train so she could return home, I headed to do some grocery shopping. I love grocery shopping when I have time and no kids with me. I can linger in the aisles and pick up bits and pieces while planing meals in my head. It's like a little excusrion for me. Pick up soem mushrooms, head to the meats, decide I don't need mushrooms and return them only to grab a piece of fresh ginger for something different. And since I wasn't hungry from my McD's lunch, not all that garbage made it's way into the cart. Which means it's also not littering my shelves givign me an opportunity to munch on junk the whole day through.

I then ran into yet another second hand store and found a BIG mailbox. Just what we need and have been considering buying for awhile. I was planning to hang it and surprise my husband. The tag said 4 euro: Keys at cashier. I paid for my mailbox feeling all proud about my terrific find, when I asked for the keys. Nope, no keys. Sorry. They pulled off teh sticker and handed me my box. I don't want it, I told them. What am I gonna do with a mailbox that has no key. Put a new lock on it, he told me. No thanks, too much work and expense for a used mailbox that will be scratched up by the time I am through getting a new lock on. Just retuen my money please. Easy to say, not so easy to do. I used my debit card and they didn't know how to credit the amount. Finally, after 15 minutes and me checking my watch as I had kids to pick up before daycare closed and another arrived home from the bus, I got the refund in change.

Off to pcik up the kids, got home and groceries put away. Kaeden made dinner, which he did amazingly well and completely alone. Spaghetti, with fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers...his sauce turned out a bit runny, and his use of salt was too minimal, but otherwise it was delicious. Jari gave him a 9/10, and his eyes twinkled brightly!

Then we ran to pick Papa up from the train. Drove over our old bridge and looked at all teh trees they removed, all the piles of dirt for the arrival of our new bridge. Waited at the trainstation for a running-late train and danced and sang with my kids. The music was loud and thumping and my kids were happy little dance monsters as we all used our microphone hands to sing to our hearts content. Song on repeat...over and over...Lightning Crashes. We had fun. Saw Erwin walk out the other doors to our normal pick-up point, but we were parked in a differnt place today. Kaeden ran to get him and he climbed in back. The entire way home he did nothing but complain about my driving. Instead of getting irritated, I got sad. Why can't my husband just accept me. I nearly never drive...just once let me enjoy the experience, let me do it my way. I was going too slow, following the speed limit. We'd have been home by now if you wouldn't drive like an old lady. The happiness of my day out and play with my kids was stripped from me. The evening between us didn't improve and I ended up in bed early, anger stewing from within.

I realized my husband and I have some work to do on our relationship. Talked to him about it yesterday. We have to be kinder to each other, more giving, more accepting. Both of us have gotten to a point where we just don't care, trudge through life, not sharing those intimate moments with each other. It's time to crack down and put each otehr first, give our love and time, be happy together. I'm feeling refreshed, holding out hope for change, positive change.

So, that was my Tuesday. Just a little something different in my daily life. It was fun to be with a friend. It was fun to let loose with my kdis. It was fun to have use of the car. It was fun to shop. It was refreshing . A good day. And an even better future within my sight.

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Tanya @ Teenautism said...

Yes, it sounds like the exchange with your husband was a catalyst for change. I'll be sending positive thoughts your way.

Kaeden made dinner! Wow! That's amazing. And that's great that you got to spend time with a friend. We all need to make more time for that - so therapeutic. Take care.