Let me set the scene. I am lying in bed with Jari, reading him a bedtime story. He's fidgety, not completely concentrating on the story, when he pipes up:

Jari: Mamaa....?
Mama: Yes, Jari?
Jari: I know something you don't know. But you can try to guess. I'll give you three chances.
Mama: So, what am I supposed to know?
Jari: I know where the very biggest volcano in the world is.
Mama: Hmmm, you're right, I don't know. But let me guess? Hmmm, Japan?
Jari: Nope (holding up three fingers and folding one down)
Mama: America has some big volcanoes too.
Jari: Nope (folding down yet another finger)
Mama: I dunno...uhm, India?
Jari: hahaha Nope (giggling as he shows me a fist with no more chances)
Jari: The biggest volcano is in Africa.
Mama: Africa? I don't think so. Where did you hear that?
Jari: Nobody told me. Just my brain. And I have golden brains!
Mama: haha Golden Brains?
Jari: Yep, and they are very smart and know everything and then whisper it in my ear.
Mama: Well, I think they whispered the wrong volcano in your ear.
Jari: Nope, Golden brains know EVERY-THING!
Mama: Hmmmm...
Jari: Yep. And know what else mama?
Mama: What? (wondering if we're ever going to get back to the story and try to fall asleep)
Jari: I can also talk to dolphins.
Mama: Talk to dolphins? How do you do that.
Jari: With my golden brains. And when I become a monkey.
Mama: You are definitely a monkey (I shouldn't have tickled him...)
Mama: (continuing reading)
Jari: And you know what mama?
Mama: Yes, I know what. I am going to finish this story.
Jari: But why did grampa shoot all the dinosaurs?

Mama: Goodnight Jari!!! It's time for your Golden Brain to go to sleep!!!

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Tanya @ Teenautism said...

Jari and his golden brain are really cute! Thanks for sharing this.