Exploring Europe

Welllll, I have been busy! It is a good busy, entertaining a girlfriend from 'home'. She arrived Sunday and we're off exploring Europe. I always love hearing someone exclaim at all the interesting things they notice about the differences between Europe and America. I have forgotten many, and it reminds me again from where I have come, and how far I have gone. Both literally and mentally. It makes me appreciate all I have been handed on my plate, the good life I have built for myself and my family. And it makes me feel proud, seeing my achievements through another woman's eyes.

We have thus far visited a cathedral, a castle, cube houses, Erwin's parents, a war museum, a Yugoslavian restaurant with all my girliefriends in attendance. She's been here 2 days. Think I made a full-schedule? You bet! I love sharing my new home with people, giving them the same adventures I once only dreamed about. Knowing that when a friend comes here, they are being given an opportunity to live a new culture, see new things, and beome better world citizens, be more understanding of the differences between people, or maybe the complete spin, and how we're all the same.

Tammy has been my friend for 13 years. We have weathered many a storm together, and shared much love and many smiles in our book of life. We have also shared many tears. Yesterday, while circling through teh war museum, we shared more tears, looking at the pictures of the war cemetaries, people standing beside soldiers protecting them from harm. Europe is alive with history. The tanks and planes that served in WWII show how two separate worlds came together to do big things, to bring conclusion to a disastrous world Hitler initiated.

And now, standing on European soil, Tammy is able to do big things as well. No tanks are needed, no planes dropping bombs. With her eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and hands, she is experiencing life as Europeans experience life. She is learning, about people and countries and cultures. She is taking it all in, and will go home with a new insight into life. It is something she will never forget. It is something that is stronger than war. It is understanding.

I am glad I am a part of making this all happen...and I am glad I have my girliefriend by my side.


Tanya @ Teenautism said...

This is a lovely post - so nice that you have a friend visiting! I visited Eastern Europe two summers ago and met relatives in Slovakia. It was such a wonderful experience. Enjoy your time together!

Welcome to My World said...
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So this is blogging... said...

I love you. What more can I say. That was the most amazing vacation I have ever had but only partly because of the location. Mostly because you were there. I loved seeing you with your family, you are so blessed! You have made a wonderful life for yourself and I'm so glad I got to come see it "on your turf" because I really couldn't have imagined how good with was till I saw it with my own eyes!