What's Happening Around Here?

Life has been busy. I think that's good. It means that every day I have something to do, something to look forward to, something to motivate me. And because I have all this 'stuff' going on in my life, it also means I have less time to miss my son, which for such a major event, such a major change and happening, is good.

Here are the things that have been keeping my life busy.

  • Kaeden has to be approved for financial aid through the government for his autism handicap once in the five years. To be approved for funding, we are required to visit a government appointed doctor who evaluates Kaeden, our family situation, and receives reports from all the differing organizations with whom we have contact and work with Kaeden. The paperwork for this is immense. Collecting all the reports from everyone, filling out the paperwork, and evaluating your home situation is also emotionally draining. Our appointment was this week. The doctor is arrogant, knowing he has total control over which category your child is placed, how much funding you will receive, and which services Kaeden is qualified to receive. He asks both parents as well as the child numerous questions as he quickly flips through all the reports you have spent weeks preparing. He doesn't want long-winded answers, preferring short and to the point. If you try to expand on a topic, he stops you short with a wave of his hand. As you speak, he writes notes and reads, giving you the impression he isn't listening. Your task is to make the situation as bad as possible to help your child qualify for services. You tell this doctor all your child's min-points while your child sits between you hearing you discuss all his weaknesses. It is no cup of tea with sugar. I'm glad it's over, but now anxiously await the judgement. Will our funding allow us to pay for a portion of Kaeden's residential facility? Will he be approved for a higher repayment for medical services and medication? Will his visits to the psychologist cost us only an arm, or an arm and leg? Will we receive a portion of his diaper costs back? Which organizations are we allowed to get help from, which tax rebates will we benefit from in exchange for sharing our life with a handicapped child?

It is mind-boggling to think that one doctor who has seen your son for 15 minutes in five years time can determine the outcome of all the above questions. But he can, and he does, and now we wait to hear how many points Kaeden received, how handicapped our son actually is in terms of a government description.

Here is my last blog post from our visit with this same doctor. http://tank95.blogspot.com/2006/09/handicapped.html

This time, I did NOT terrorize my son. This time, I joked with him, talked to him about school, and praised him when he wrote his name and address absolutely perfect. And, when we got back in the car, I still gave my son a treat. This time it wasn't to say "I'm sorry". This time it was just to say "I love you."

Okay, I was planning to tell you everything that's been happening, but my thoughts on this subject ran out of control (as usual). I won't discuss more today other than to say I just called the home where Kaeden is staying and they are very happy with how things are going there. He is doing well, seems to enjoy himself, and partcipates in all activities. He enjoys the companionship of both leaders and the other kids. They are starting a bedwetting program with him in hopes of conquering his nighttime head to toe pee issues which I am thrilled with and hope will work. He just seems to be really engaging, and though they expect problems to arise (as do we as he becomes more comfortable and familiar), until now he's been doing fantastic! Yeah! Talk about putting mama's mind at ease!!!


Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Yes, it is maddening to have so much rest on a person who makes such a monumental evaluation in just 15 minutes of observing our children. I had to do this with Nigel when he was still nonverbal, so he was approved. Interestingly, he slowly started talking after that appointment!

Glad to hear that it's so-far-so-good with Kaeden in his new surroundings. I'll keep hoping for a positive outcome with the doctor.

Anonymous said...

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