I feel my son hug me. His arms encompass me. His shoulders wrap around mine. I no longer encompass him. I look into my son's face. His face is no longer a baby face, but covered in the beginnings of a mousetache above his lips. I hear my son speak. His voice crackles as it deepens, no longer the high-pitched squeal of a child. I see his adam's apple jigging out from his neck. I stand next to my son. I no longer look down at him, rather just a tiny turn of my head upwards to look into his eyes. His feet plunk along in size 11-12 shoes, his pants a size 33 waist, his shirt a men's medium.

Where did the time go? My son is becoming a man. I can't deny it any longer. I feel proud when I look at him. Look how far we've come. My dream of raising my little boy to be a happy, productive man is beginning to take shape. The shape of the man-child standing next to me. I'm so proud of you Kaeden Riley! But you'll always be mama's little boy!


Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Tera, he is so handsome! What a lovely post - I am feeling the same way about my two teen sons!

Jade said...

It happens darlin. We have them, and then they grown up. Its how you ended up with the man you sleep next to each night.

It doesn't have to be a bad process. He's still yours! Hehe, and I have a feeling that he's always gonna be your little man, and that he's gonna always want his mama.

Hugs to you my friend.