Happiness to my Heart

Today, I went to pick my son up at school. At his home away from home. I walked in the door, sat with his assistants and drank coffee in his home. I was bringing my son home for the holidays, and it brought great happiness to my heart.

Kaeden and his friends were playing video games when I arrived. It was so nice to see him sitting there with kids his age, playing and laughing and totally into what was happening. When one game ended, he and another boy grabbed the PSP and started playing together...sharing. Kaeden was so involved, the other kid watching him move, making suggestions, and when Kaeden took them and made a new level, high-fiving his friend for the help. It brought great happiness to my heart.

When I told Kaeden he was offered a place to stay for a few days during the holiday vacation (one of the kids canceled, so it was opened up to Kaed), and asked if he would like to stay there, he was all excited. He went and told another boy with whom he's become great friends with that he'd be there during the holidays too, and the other kid whooped and smiled and they laughed together and high-fived each other. It brought great happiness to my heart.

As I spoke to his assistant, he told me, confidentially, that when he read Kaeden's reports, he was nervous about him coming to stay in the home. He was afraid of what problems an aggressive kid like Kaeden could bring, the difficulties that would arise in the home. He then told me that his worries have been squelched. He told me Kaeden is "a really cool kid, and I'm really glad I've had the chance to get to know him." It brought great happiness to my heart.

As we left, everyone there told Kaeden goodbye and wished us happy holidays. His friend happily told him "See you next week!" As we walked towards the bus stop, Kaeden told me thanks for letting him come back during vacation so he could be with his friends. It brought great happiness to my heart.

As we waited for the bus to arrive, I asked Kaeden if he wanted to do some Christmas shopping before going home. "What's Jari going to do then?" he asked. When I told him Jari could eat lunch at school, he asked that we go home so he could get his little brother from school and see him because he missed him after being gone all week. It brought great happiness to my heart.

When we got onto the bus, Kaeden sat in the front while I moved further back. He had too much stuff with him for me to sit comfortably next to him. As the bus rode along, my son kept looking to me, as if my presence reassured him, and gave me happy smiles throughout the entire ride. With each glance behind him in my direction came with it a glimmering smile which brought great happiness to my heart.

Today was one of those days in which I see my son for who he truly is. A good kid with good values, happiness, and compassion. Someone who is social and accepting, someone others love as much as he loves them. Today, seeing Kaeden and sharing life with him, knowing he is my kid and knowing how proud of him I am, how proud I am of myself for giving him this chance to thrive, brought great happiness to my heart.


Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

What a lovely post, Tera. It brings great happiness to my heart, too! Sending big, happy hugs to you, my friend!

V-Grrrl said...

Smiling with you.