Alive at the Park

Running. Laughing. PLaying. Jumping. Twisting. Turning. Today I did it all. My favorite part? Taking deep breaths trying to keep up, and feeling alive. Not just alive, but really ALIVE!
We had a strange day today...a bit of this, a little of that...and then we decided to spend the afternoon with the boys at the playground. It was Erwin's idea, his desire to haul me out of my electric blanket paradise and away to land of the living. It was so cold t
oday, my fingers and toes were numb and snuggled under my blankets seemed the only proper place to be. But no go...I pulled on my shoes, grabbed a scarf and mittens, and off we went, the four of us, my little family.
There weren't many people at the park. I enjoyed hearing little giggles of laughter as a little girl went down the slide, and a squeal of delight from her ma
ma watching her. But it was the pitter patter of the basketball on the basketball court that had my attention. Tick, tick, tick...ticktick...whoosh. It was our goal...a family basketball game.

Jari and I were on a team after I persuaded him I'm not too bad at basketball (yet again, needs persuading) and Erwin and Kaeden in their tall glory were favorites. Jari and I did good. We shared laughs, we shared moves, we made up a team and
gave each other high fives. And I huffed and puffed and wiggled and waddled all over that court trying to prove my basketball star stautus to my son.
I don't know if I was successful, but we sure had fun. And I felt alive. My cheeks tinged with warmth from moving and my lungs filling with air time and again. It felt good.

We had more fun, playing games and having races and concluding with a soccer match. Walking back to the car, I was completely fulfilled. I felt alive.


Jade said...

What an awesome post Tera! So glad to hear that you guys had a good outting together. I've been thinkin about you quite a bit lately. Hows the hand? How are you? Miss our "catch up" notes.

Hope you are well, sending you out positive energy and prayers

Casdok said...

Cant beat it - sounds fantastic! :)

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Yes, the endorphins are so therapeutic! And I love that first photo - so cool.

V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios said...

I often procrastinate on going outside when the weather is especially cold, but once I get moving, inhale the air, catch my dog's excitement, I am SO HAPPY I didn't stay indoors.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and what an incredibly feeling to feel alive. Those duvets are often too tempting to resist, especially on a day like today when the rain is bashing against the window!!

CJ xx

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