Vacation Pics

Well, what a huge disappointment :-( Erwin loaded the pics from our vacation on the computer...all the Halloween pics and all the family pics we were planning to use for Christmas cards and all teh pics of our entire week away...and they are all deleted. He didn't save them, just looked, and when we went to see Sinterklaas I deleted them off the memory card. I am heartbroken, to say the least. I just can't believe it. Technology is wonderful...unless something like this happens. We didn't even have the video camera with us cuz it's broken, and now everything has vanished into thin air. There's nothing that can be done, but man, that sinking pit in my stomach could sure use a bit of cheering up...dang!


Okay, so I ran a recovery program and got back about 90% of my pics. I am so relieved. I should be really happy, but my very favorite pic from Jari during Halloween is still missing...covered by a shot from him with Sinterklaas. Ah well, at least I have most back and I am once again amazed by technology. Who comes up with this stuff? How does some thought in your head turn into the makings of something so wonderfully satisfying as bringing back all your disks deleted items? I wish I were that smart...but I'm just glad I can take advantage of someone else's brains. So, since this post is all about vacation pics, here's a few from our Autumn Break in Drenthe, Netherlands.

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Marla Fauchier Baltes said...

Great pictures. I love the dinosaur costume.