What's Been Going On?

It's been a few days since I've gotten around to writing. I really haven't been feeling up to it. I have been sick. Yes, me. And once I get that first little tickle in my throat, I know it's over for me. Once it comes, it lasts the entire winter, with few reprieves. I have a compromised immune system...that's what the doc says. And really, there's nothing that can be done about it. So, I just know that I'm going to be sick, and pretty much stay sick. Fun fun, I tell ya.

So, here's what's been happening around these parts:

1. Did I mention I've been sick? Been getting nothing done because all I wanna do is sleep cuz that's the only time my head doesn't feel 1000 pounds and my coughing doesn't cause my lungs to collapse. I've just been busy getting through the days, and that's about it.

2. The weather has turned cold. Brrrrrr! There is frost on the ground every morning, and when I ride my bike I need to put on gloves. And, it's been raining a lot. Typical fall weather for these parts. The kind of weather I just love to hate.

3. Took Jari to the dentist this week. Found out that I am the worst mama in the world. Both my boys have bad teeth. Jari screamed and screamed while he had a tooth extracted, and we have to go back for 2 fillings and the extraction of another absessed tooth. I am not looking forward to our appt next week...at.all!!! The good part? The tooth fairy came and left a shiny euro under Jari's pillow. And after all that screaming, he deserved it!

4. Kaeden is doing horrible in school. A couple weeks back he broke a window and yesterday he smashed a chair to pieces with a golf club. I am scared. I am afraid my son, the light of my life, is going to end up in child jail. And I am not kidding. And I don't know what the school is doing to try and make him see the wrong of his ways. We have an appt with the school next week. I am not looking forward to our appt....at.all!!!

5. I went to a meeting at Kaeden's school last night for children that will be moving into secondary school (IF he doesn't head to child jail first). I was blown away by all the choices we have to make. I had no idea it was such a major process. In America, you just go to the local high school. Here, you ahve to choose a school based on what education they offer. Does your child want to head to university? Go to this school. Does he want to be a mechanic? Go to this school. Does he plan to work in childcare? Go to this school. And then, there are all these different levels. 1A, 1B, BSO, BuSO, OV1, OV2, OV3, OV4. And kids that are in special education and continue that route have no chance to receive a diploma. They can only achieve a certificate, but no diploma. And that makes me mad. They are still completing their schooling. Do they not deserve a diploma for their efforts? And why, at age 12, do they already ahve to make a decision about what they want to do with their lives? Who, at 12, knows what they want to be? So, I am totally confused and worried and scared about what options are available for my son and which route we will end up going. And now, I have to find a suitable school. The speaker kept mentioning the kids with autism that have "different" needs than normal or mentally handicapped kids, and how they fall into this hole because of their "issues". Hmmm...one more point for autism. And MY child gets to go even further into the minus values. GREAT!!!!! (and that's very sarcastic, btw, if you didn't notice!)

5. My wonderful husband built us a new hobby rack. Okay, what's that you ask? Well, we used to have a table in our back room which was always such a mess you couldn't find a single thing. We took out the table and he built shelving to store a whole bunch of crates on. And in each crate I have been organising all my hobby stuff. And I had no idea what a massive amount of hobby stuff I have. I am not kidding, I think my hobby room is more sufficient than an elementary school supply room. And it's gotten me so excited seeing all the cool stuff that I have. I can't wait til it's completely organised so I can get busy creating. Yesterday I found my wood burning gun and couldn't help myself. I took doen the family name plaque I made which hangs in front of our house, reburned it all and gave it a lacquer finish! That's the kind of thing I LOVE TO DO! And I haven't done much of it the past few years cuz it was all hidden away in a big pile of mess. It's like a whole new world has opened up to me. The only negative? Well, now I have to put the laundry away, cuz my table is no longer there to store it. I **THINK** that was Erwin's big plan in this whole "Look what I'm gonna make for YOU!" charade!

6. My little critters are so happy. Our guinea pig babies take up a lot of my time. I just love love love them!!! It's so much fun to see them chasing around and popcorning to their little hearts content. And hearing them squeak and wheet all day is like a song in my heart. I am so happy we got them and they are such a big part of our lives now.

7. Tonight, I am going out with the girls! I am really looking forward to sharing a good meal out with girl chat. We're taking my friend Lisa out for her birthday to a Mexican place she loves. I can't wait to have good Mexican! And just being with my friends!!! So, it's going to be an enjoyable end to this week...until the weekend begins....

So, that's what's been going on. There's been MUCH MUCH more, but you get the idea....in this long post. It's been a whirlwind and it doesn't look to be slowing down at all in the coming weeks. At least I have a reason for living...somebody's gotta keep all this stuff circulating around these parts...


Jade said...

Awww, this is one of those times where I wish I could be talking to
you on the phone or having a one on one with ya over a nice cup of coffee and not just replying to your post.
Sounds like you've had your hands full! First off, I have to say this, YOU ARE NOT a bad mother. Just because the kids have some dental issues does not mean your to blame. There could be MANY reasons for bad teeth, not all having to do with bad brushing and flossing. (but now aware of the problem, you can maybe devise a plan for solving it ;-) Here's just a small example of REAL bad mothers I see at my social work internship. 1) mothers that get high in front of their kids. 2) mothers that let strangers into their house's with their kids with no supervision 3) Mothers that dont feed their kids so they can smoke cocaine 4) mothers that allow their babies dad's to beat them 5) mothers that don't send their kids to school......
Thats just my SMALL list of bad mothers I have come across, and let me just say Mrs Tera, you are not a bad mother. A bad mother wouldn't care if her son was being destructive at school. Or even care at all about her kids teeth.
As far as your son being destructive and angry... Is he talking with anyone? Have an outlet?Being a sibling of a child with autism can bring up a lot of defiant behaviors for reasons of attention and anger towards the situation. Could be something to look into if you haven't already. Or maybe do some investigative "mommy work" and either buy or make him an "emotions journal" and tell him to write or color in it every time he's mad or upset, and then have him explain it to you. You might get a lot of into out of that exercise.

Anyways, I'm sorry things are going so rough for you my Belgian friend. Holidays can definitely be rough, so before they're right up on you, try and get y our grateful list done, it might keep you afloat til new years. ;-)
If you ever need a little extra gal pal support you can always reach me through e-mail ibjennalee@netzero.com

Maddy said...

Eek - so productive and yet ill at the same time! I organise my crafty / hobby things and then I never get around to actually using them.

School sounds like a right pain and almost as complicated as it is out here.
Best wishes

tlawwife said...

Been thinking of you lately. Our state is looking very seriously at education needs of autistic children. They are trying to figure out how best to help them and to be able to afford such help. It seems that the "experts" are saying that the earlier the treatment starts the better so they are asking for testing in the first year and services as soon as diagonosis is made. This means the educational system must find a way to pay for much more. I think it is going to be a long process. I know this interests you so will let you know when and if they ever come to a conclusion. I don't think the things you described would merit child jail.

Hope you had a good night with the girls. That is so necessary for us to do.

You are not a bad mother.