A MeMe by Jade

Ok, so Jade Me Me'd me, and to prevent bad luck that may fallow I am going to continue the Me Me. lol (Yes, these are Jade's words...not mine...but I'm just going to go with it!)
So here's the rule, name 7 odd, random, or strange things people might not know about you and then pick 7 people to do the same. :-)My Me Me.

1) I won the local spelling bee when I was in 6th grade, went onto state level and lost by spelling a simple word wrong due to the stress...and at this moment, I can't even rememebr the word...but I did wear the exact same outfit for all the spelling bees thinking that's what helped me to win...purple pants and a tshirt with glitter butterflies!
2)I cannot stand to touch polyester training pant material...it gives me the weebie-geebies
3) I saved someone's life doing the heimlich maneuver at a park where I took my clients. And after, I spent a good hour in the death grip of one of my disabled clients who was overwhelmed by all the hupla going on.
4) I used to work with pottery and created a beautiful, large piece that is housed at my parents. I want to do pottery again, because it is so freeing.
5)I have no clue how to back-up my computer files.
6)I stole my mom's car from her work and went out joyriding with a friend when I was 14.
7) I use plastic wrappers, plastic wrap, strings, etc for a toothpick because it gets stuff out easier...and it drives my husband absolutely crazy when I do it.

I'm not going to tag anyone, but if you think it's interesting, have a go! So, something new about me? Or do you know me too well already? :-)


Claudia said...

I have the same track pants phobia! I can't even stand to HEAR the sound they make when swished together between thighs! Ewwwwwwwwwwwww!

Jade said...

Ok, so #7 is gross lol but other than that great info! You and my brother....he loves straws to clean his teeth. I always remember, NEVER DRINK AFTER HIM. lol

And my goodness you wild child, at 14 taking your moms car! Very brave... never tell your own children about that!