Ticking Off The Days

Isn't it exciting? My mom and dad will be here in less than a week. And each night before bed, while we sing our songs and read our stories, we check off how many more sleeps til gramma and grampa are here to play! I can't even begin to portray in words the sparkle that flies from my children's eyes when they hear it's now just 10, 9, 8, 7...more sleeps! Gramma and Grampa are 100 times more exciting than Santa's visit. We've been trying to get the house cleaned up and organized so that they can come into a somewhat comfy home. Storage boxes full of treasured JUNK has been moved to the attic, and while we haven't yet begun the clearing out of their bedroom, we'll get to it eventually...oh, say, 11pm Dec 23rd when we need to leave for the airport by 8am the next morning...and they'll never be the wiser! Because, they probably won't even notice the cobwebs swept away, the shelves all dusted and windows sparkling clean...cuz if they have the same sparkle in their eyes that my boys have, everything will be shining and twinkling and nothing else is gonna matter. A year and a half since Jari last squeezed his little arms around grampa's neck...2 birthdays later, 3 lost teeth, 10 inches taller, and already able to read...and still, that bond between him and his grampa is as strong as if they see each other every day. It amazes me, makes me feel prouder than proud that I have managed to develop this special quality from thousands of miles away. And when I see the tears of joy make those sparkles shine even a little brighter come Dec 24, I'll be shivering from inside, happier than I have been in a long time, knowing my children and my parents get to indulge in their grandson/grandparent bonds, and make them even that much stronger without having to do it across the miles. Isn't it exciting?

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