Who Is That?

Sunday, we're trekking off to a Winter Wonderland Paradise called Phantasialand, where we'll be welcomed by rides and fun and maybe even a visit from Santa and fairies and elves all decorated in a Winter Wonderland theme. We're going with oma and opa and Aunt Ilse, and Michel is also coming along. And on Christmas day we're going to head to Helmond with my parents for a nice Christmas dinner with Erwin's family, and Michel will also be present.

Michel? Never heard about him...who is that?

He is the real and true boyfriend of my sister-in-law. And she likes him enough to subject him to these family days, which means it's gotta be serious! Really, who would bring their boyfriend along to an amusement park with an over-stimulated autistic teenager, a screaming, stubborn six-year-old, their mom who, though now Dutch, still has her Americanized language tools, and their father who knows all the right buttons to push to drive his sister crazy?! All I can say, is it must be LOVE! Holy cow, I never expected to say that where Ilse is concerned. But wow, I am SO happy for her.

Ever since I have been a member of Erwin's family, Ilse has had a few dates or been in a short-term relationship that hasn't worked out. Her horse has been her top priority and left her no time to manage a relationship as well. But since this summer, and her announcement that Michel is in her life, things have changed. She's still dedicated to Kartouche, she still makes it to dinners when we visit, she still goes to work...but now she's making time for this man in her life as well. And she seems to be very happy.

I am thrilled that Michel is joining us. It means that Ilse is taking her relationship to the next level, allowing him to know not only her, but also her family, and subjecting herself and Michel to a whole new aspect of Ilse. It means that he's important, and she plans on him sticking around, trusts him to join our family ride, with all our idiosyncrasies. And it means that someone new is throwing another element into our family. It's exciting, wondering about who he is, drawing a few conclusions from hearing stories, and awaiting judgement day when we finally meet. I know Michel is someone I will like, because he is making my sister-in-law happy, and that's something that really counts.

So, now that we're finally going to meet Mr. Right, can I begin asking when I'm going to be an auntie???! :-) Oh, and Congratulations Zusje!

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Amanda said...

Have a lovely time there on Sunday! :) Can't wait to hear all about your adventures there and see some photos. xox