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just got home from my sis-in-laws house where she and her boyfriend hosted a yummy, gezellig bbq. it was a beautiful day, cooling off in the evening. the three of us started our afternoon by heading to a farm where we wandered through the fairy tale land in a giant cornstalk labyrinth. jari was thrilled with the adventure, made even better by the kitten who followed us from step one til the end through the labyrinth. we solved the puzzle with all the letters we found on donald duck, cinderella, mickey mouse, puss in boots, robinhood, etc. the answer was: fairy tales on the farm. think we have a chance of being prize winners? i think maybe we already were as jari sprinted from one path to another singing in delight with each letter he found. the calves and baby bunnies were just icing on the cake.

oh yeah, speaking of cake. my birthday was july 23. we were on vacation, and upon our arrival home i decided not to host a party with the event of my accident. tonight, as the grill was sizzling the last of the meats, out comes a cake lighting up the night with candles as everyone sang happy birthday to me. i was in shock, and it was a true surprise which made me feel special and loved. i got some wonderful gifts, many birthday wishes, and a couple poems which brought tears to my eyes. nothing is better than the words people share expressing their feelings for you. words which tell you how important you are, that you have people surrounding you whom you can always count on, who love you no matter what. these words i will always treasure, knowing that though i am not flesh and blood to erwin's parents, my presence in their family has been a blessing none-the-less. and that feeling is very mutually reciprocated. i treasure my in-laws (sis included) more and more with every day that passes. this little birthday celebration is just one of many ways they show me time and again how much i mean to them. thank you ilse and michel for the terrific evening. thank you omam and opap for loving me.

and that brings me back home again. home, where my little sweetheart who does up my bra for me every morning sleeps soundly in his bed. where my husband quietly sits looking for information for our last family day out during this summer vacation 2009...to legoland in germany in the morning...always giving me new adventures to cherish, as he cuts my toenails, cuts my meat, and folds my clothes, telling me my hand isn't deformed even as i stare at the deformity knowing what i see, reassuring me, loving me, no matter what. and awaiting the arrival of my riley boy in just 4 short days from today, the one whom i miss beyond missing, yet cherish these days apart knowing i have built up enough strength to again go on, while he has given his grandparents the comfort of his hugs, his smile, his mischievous ways.

i am the richest woman in the world.


Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Happy belated Birthday, Tera! It's so wonderful to see you smiling, looking well. And that looks like such a fun get-together! Just lovely. Thanks for sharing the pics. Enjoy your homecoming with Kaeden! I just picked up my boys today - they are going to bed now, and all is well in my little corner. It's so fulfilling to have them home, and I know you'll feel the same sentiment in just a few days! Take care.

Jade said...

Ohhh my friend you have a very sweet group around you over there. This was a nice read on the midst of an late night.
I'm gonna email us my number again ;-)

Anonymous said...

What a nice suprise for your birthday. It looked like a lovely family gathering - I really enjoy reading your blog & catching up with you & your family. We hope to nip over to Antwerp some time this year so we may drop by for a cuppa :-) Paula xx