flight change

thursday we were in ready mode. kaeden was heading to the airport for his arrival home on friday. i was so happy i'd have my little boy back with me, though i was a bit leary about how i was going to manage it all with just one arm and a lot of pain and tiredness. still, after not having seen my son for a month, i was more than ready for one of his tight squeezes...especially after realizing how quickly life changes and how very grateful i am to be here to receive another hug.

the phone rang. it was my parents. "tera, what would you say if we just kept kaeden another month?" they nonchalantly asked. it threw me for a grinding loop. it was so unexpected and i was completely baffled. "well, he has a bunch of appointments in the comin weeks," i answered. "and you don't have enough meds for him for another month. and i don't think we can change his ticket. and..." and, i wanted to say, i miss my son. i want him back home. but i didn't get the real reason for my hesitation out before:

"tera, we think it would be easier for you to heal if he stays with us. he's having a good time, we love having him, and he hasn't been any trouble at all. it's so important for you to not do anything if you want to recover. this would just make it easier." my parents chimed in.

and as i thought about everything that could help me right now, i came to the conclusion that they are right. there can be no fights to break up, no extra laundry to oversee, no extra kaeden messes to clean up. but, it was all so quick and unexpected. they were already half-way to the airport. "can i talk to kaeden a minute?" i asked.

"hi mama." i heard my heart twitter a bit. "hey riley, so, what do you think about staying with gramma and grampa for a little longer?"

"I think I am gonna stay here for you mama. so you can get all better. it will just be so much easier if i stay in america," he answered. his adult-like tone and answer was obvious he'd been eavesdropping on adult conversations. but, it made me feel confident that he was happy with this proposition. "And, " he added "I'm having fun here." that sounds more like my kid, i thought!

so, as i talked to erwin my parents called the airline asking about change fees and ticket surcharges. after i spoke to erwin, i called them back. "Well, if you're sure..." I wavered. "I think it would probably help me out more than anything else you could do." and that's when i heard my mom cancel my son's flight from her cell phone. with a sigh, i told them "thank you."

so, my son is off to play with the deer and antelope in the great wyoming wilderness for just a little longer. he's happy, my parents are happy, and i'm getting used to the idea. seriously, it is a big help. that hug will have even more meaning when i get it another month down the road.

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Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

A month! Oh, I know how you feel missing him. I just found out today that my boys won't be back for three more weeks, and one of Nigel's doctor's appointments will need to be rescheduled. Not sure if he's got enough meds either. I guess we'll just have to roll with it! Glad to hear that Kaeden is happy and doing well.

I hope you are healing and that you feel better soon. Three years ago I separated my shoulder in two places and could not use my arm for several weeks. Then I was in physical therapy for 2-3 months. It was quite an ordeal! I'll be thinking of you and hoping you mend soon.