6 Years Old

Today marks the day that I now have a six-year-old running rampant on the streets. Yesterday was his birthday, and today he woke telling me "I'm six now, huh mom? Now I'm a big boy!" Yesterday, remembering back to the day of his birth, and even before to the moment I discovered I was pregnant with my little gift from God.... I told my husband I thought I may be pregnant and his stunned reply was "Jesus Christ, what'd ya say that for?" with the look of shocked horror penetrating his face. We hadn't been trying to get pregnant, and in fact weren't really ready to extend our family as we'd just become a family a few months prior and were getting used to being a couple with a five-year-old son in a foreign land, with a new house and Dutch language lessons on the horizon. Yet, I was so happy. I couldn't wait to share my home and life with another little treasure. And it didn't take long before my husband was also happy with the idea. When he took me to my first appointment at the doctor and they confirmed I was pregnant, he dropped me off at school, took my bike out of the back of the van we borrowed from his parents and as he kissed me goodbye, he said "I love you...both of you" as he patted my tummy full of life and love and our new little family member. That moment brought tears to my eyes, and still does as I think about the life we have created. As the pregnancy wore on, going through extreme morning (all day) sickness and a strong aversion to meat, the time finally arrived for us to bring our son home. I was admitted to the hospital with expectations of pictocin drips and getting labor started due to the fact that my water had already broken 2 days earlier, but labor wasn't starting on it's own...but the fact was, I was in active labor upon arrival at the hospital and nothing needed to be done but let nature take it's course. It was a hard delivery, but went fast and at 3:24 in the afternoon we were holding our healthy 8 pound baby boy. His big brother came immediately after his birth and the picture I have in my mind of the first time he held his little baby brother is as vivid today as the moment it happened. It was complete...as was our family.
Today, my son is a little sports fanatic. He gets more wild the more tired he gets, and his talking never stops...by the end of the day you can barely stand to hear another word. He questions everything and as adventurous as he is, has some fears about little things you'd never imagine. We keep a bag in the car for his bouts of travel sickness, and he has a major shoe fetish. He thinks he is the best and strongest at everything, and how dare you even hint otherwise. He could care less about babies, but loves sharing playtime with friends. He's a bit bossy, and loves cookies more than any other food choice. He amazes me. He is the person in this world that makes me laugh the most, with his silly comments and funny things he does. He is extremely shy around people he doesn't know, including other kids, to the point I sometimes worry about him. His favorite game to play with mama is for me to push him forcefully along as we walk, and this makes him giggle to pieces, which I love to hear (thus, the game goes on and on and on). At night, I tuck him in with a story and as I sing his favorite song (two dinosaurs and slaap jarietje slaap,I tickle his face and feet, and pat his little butt. ornings, I awaken to his breath on my face as he shares my pillow lying sideways in my bed. When I tell him it'sa time to brush his teeth, he throws himself on the floor as if he is dying in a fit of fake tears. He makes me pictures that amaze me, and when I ask him to spell words or add numbers, he does so with little trouble. He's my baby boy, my little bug, and I couldn't live without him.
Happy Birthday and Happy Lifetime to my little bug. I hope SIX is as amazing as you are imaginig it to be. I hope it will open up your world to even more possibilities and more happiness. I hope you are happy, as you make me, your mama. I love you!

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Amanda said...

Happy 6th birthday Jari! Lots of love and hugs from us.

Amanda, Corné en Harry xox :)