My Son-shine

I just got off the phone with my Kaeden! How I miss him. He sounds really great and is having lots of fun with gramma and grampa. They just returned from a trip to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and newly turned one nephew where they went out in a boat innertubing and playing in the lake. Kaeden told me animatedly about all his adventures and I could tell he thoroughly enjoyed himself!!! Hearing his happy voice made me feel so much better, and hearing Jari talk to him on the phone made me realize what a close bond my boys have. Jari told Kaeden that as soon as he hears him at the door he is going to open it fast and give him a huge, tight hug. And mom told me Kaeden speaks often of his little brother as well. I hope that bond between them lasts forever. Kaeden also told me they bought a new car and he got to pick it out. He seemed quite pleased with himself...just as I'm pleased with him for being such a good kid and giving gramma and grampa only smiles and no grief. I'm just completely pleased the vacation is going so well...for everyone. I can't believe how peaceful our home is...no fighting and bickering and screaming...but the quiet reminds me too often of my little boy too far away in America. I miss the sound of his voice, his tight squeezes, his robust smile, the sound of him ceating another "treat" for mama in the kitchen. I hope when he returns home I can recreate some of the peace we are now having and bring it to our family after recharging from being a stressed out mom. We all deserve this break. But we all deserve happiness together as well, and I hope beyond hope that our love and commitment to each other keeps us strong...this time apart is definitely making me realize just how important my family is to me, and how important it is that I be a strong and patient mother to my beautiful little boys. Have a great time on your vacation Kaeden! We all miss you!!! XOXO

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