Giggles of Embarrassment

This morning I was getting Kaeden's backpack ready for school. Inside I found a little package all duct-taped and stapled closed. That's weird, I thought, as I set it down and continued rummaging, looking for his daily journal in which the teachers and I correspond about everything to do with Kaeden. Finding it and opening it up, what I read gave me horrored shock. I couldn't help but get all giggly, am emotion I can't seem to control when I am embarrassed. It was as if a Halloween trick was coming to life. Here's the note staring back at me:

Dear Mama,

This afternoon the bus teacher came by our classroom. She returned this intimate lingerie which she confiscated from Kaeden as he shared it with the children on the bus. It seems that he decided to take these from your drawer as he was searching for a pair of socks. I secured your panties so that it won't happen again. I wish you all a stress-free holiday!

Thank you,
The teacher

I picked up the "secured" package wondering if it was a lacey pair that I barely wear preferring the cotton version of undergood. As I pryed it open I stood in shocked horror with the hext-to-nothing intimate (yes, it was not ANY panties, but THOSE panties...oh my god!) panties barely filling my fist. I could feel my face begin to burn as I immediately headed to the bathroom giggling.

Erwin, look what I got back from the school, I said dangling THOSE panties in front of his face.
Shaking his head, he said: No way, no way! It's time we start locking our bedroom door! And then he added: It's really not funny, as my laugh continued to escape me.

So, I wonder what kinds of stories all the other parents from the bus heard from their little darlings when they got home last night? It probably wasn't the same story Kaeden had to tell...those poor, innocent little kiddies....


Casdok said...

Oh dear! But yes how funny!!

Anonymous said...

Whoa!! Umm.... boys will be boys?!?!? I couldn't help but laugh til tears came out though!!
Embarrassing, but OH so funny!


V-Grrrl said...


This is when it's good to be in Europe. Probably no one blinked. All the kids probably thought, hmmm, my mum has some like that. It's hard to shock the Dutch.