The Perfect Family Day

Saturday was a day we have all been looking forward to. It was the day we chose to spend at the Efteling, a wonderful amusement park that my husband fondly remembers from his own childhood. We've been gearing the boys up all week for this special day out, and I assure you, none of us was disappointed. We got up and had breakfast together, not rushing, but starting the day out right, the boys starting out the morning playing a game of basketball with the neighbor while mama finished packing our picnic lunch. And then we were off, the sun shining out a promise of cheer.

Our car ride went wonderfully. This is our biggest issue when we head anyplace as a fmily. The car ride brings on fights and torment and tears and stops midway while the boys gather their wits so we can continue on. But Saturday, we didn't need to stop for tears, fighting, teasing, or even car sickness...we played games and scored points and we were all winners! And then, as we watched fro signs for teh Efteling on the highway, we finally spotted them, and suddenly the castle gates of Pardoes-land was in sight!
I won't go on and on about the fun we shared that day, but it truly was pure enjoyment. We weren't rushed and though some of the lines were longer than we had expected, and though we didn't make it onto all of our favorite rides, we did sit in the sun watching our children play together in the playground, we ate lunch together in little nippets after a ride, and we managed to see Pardoes, the Efteling mascot, bigger than life in the eyes of our kiddos. It was a relaxing day at teh amusement park, which is something you don't often achieve at an amusement park. We really had a great day.

And then, on the way home, we went into Eindhoven to enjoy the Lichtjesroute, where the city is lighted with displays through all the streets and creates a fairy-tale world for a couple of hours. Half-way through teh display, we headed to McDonald's for dinner, which is a treat in itself for the boys as we don't often go there and they were happy with their Happy Meal surprises, I enjoyed my plastic-y formed American hamburger, and Erwin stayed true to his Dutch self eating a kroket burger!

As we finished the ride home, the boys fell into a contented sleep and we tucked them into their cozy beds immediately upon arriving home...it was a great day!


Casdok said...

Sounds like great fun!

V-Grrrl said...

I'm glad you had not only perfect weather but a perfect day with your family.

Jade said...

What a wonderfully fabulous story to wake up and have my coffee to. :-) I"m so glad your day went so smoothly. I know that outings can cause anxiety, so it was awesome to hear that yours went so smoothly, and that you and hubby had the chance to take it all in. Here's to you having a day like that once a week! :-)