I just finished tucking the boys into bed. Kaeden and I were reading a story about a fox and rabbit. His reading is getting so much better and I love hearing him read to me. He's still at about a first grade level, but he's improving and that's what counts. Anyway, he was reading about the fox making soup. He had to get a pan and make a fire and peel an onion...etc etc etc. Suddenly, Kaeden stops reading, looks at me and says "Mama, you don't know how to make soup." "Yes I do!" I told him firmly. "Yeah, you can open a can of soup!" he laughed as he gave me his reply. Okay, so maybe I don't make homemade soup...my husband hates soup and my kids love soup from a can!!! Why would I bother??? Except now that he's mentioned it, I may have to give it a go...especially to calm his joking laughter from my head!!! It's so much fun to hear him making jokes that really are jokes and funny. He knows how to make his mama smile...even as I hang my head in soupless shame!

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Casdok said...

Made me smile!
Good luck with the soup making!!