Purse Personality

Today after Erwin and I got home from running all morning and afternoon, Erwin asked me for the GPS which I thought was in my purse. "It's in my purse," I told him, and he went off in search of it.

Only it was not in my purse. I remembered I had left it in the glove box in the car and went to tell my husband. I entered the kitchen to find his face stuffed into my purse and pieces of all my belongings decorating the table.

Along with my overstuffed wallet were a couple receipts, a bottle of contact fluid, empty candy wrappers, a baggie with bread residue, a piece of a leather belt, a bag of Drum, some ritalin, a pen, some pamphlets from our days out, and a gameboy. He pulled these items all out, the bag still half full as his face emerged.

"You know," he says looking at me. "This purse... " He paused considering. "It has your personality."

I couldn't help but laugh and love him just a little bit more. I am chaotic, disorganized, and a mess...but he loves me regardless.


So this is blogging... said...

Now that's frickin hilarious!

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Ha! I have often said that my purse is a metaphor for my life. When I'm stressed, it's a mess!

Anonymous said...

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