Last night I tucked Jari into bed where he had chosen Winnie The Pooh's Great Riddle Contest to read before singing. As we read the story, he was surprised by the riddles, even though the answers he came up with were pretty okay. As I closed the last page of the book, he decided we needed to have our own riddle contest...but he doesn't quite grasp riddles. It was hilarious.

Jari: Mama, what lives in the woods and digs holes?
Me: A bunny? *shakes head no* A fox? *no* A mole? *no*
Jari: A rat! hahahahah

Jari: Mama, what do you put in a glass and drink?
Me: Juice? *no* Milk? *no* Yoghi? *no*
Jari: Cola!!! hahahahaha

See, I told you he doesn't quite get the riddle thing :-)

Mama: Okay, my turn. What has an eye but can't see? (Yeah, so what, Iused an old standby)
Jari: Uhm, uhm...hmmmmm...Wait! I KNOW!!! A blind man!

How could I possibly say no?


Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Impressive that he came up with a blind man! Great job! And the others are so cute - made me laugh. Even though I've never met him I can envision him telling you his answers and laughing!

V-Grrrl said...

Ha! Jari gets the last laugh.

Anonymous said...

golden brains, like his dad!


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