We returned last night after a long weekend camping during the Pentecost holiday. We all had a really great time, leaving the stress of daily life behind and heading off to explore and play. We took our tents to a farm and pitched them there in the field, and while Erwin and I got busy preparing the grill for dinner, our little sprouts took off to meet all the farm animals, play some soccer, jump on the trampoline, and swim in the pool. It was a perfect location for the boys, safe from traffic and getting lost, all in the confines of a farmyard. The animals were numerous, horses, sheep, goats, kittens, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits...all of which they could hold and feed and were kid friendly. The pool was a point for Kaeden to relieve his stress, though it was much too cold for me to "just jump in, mama!" Jari enjoyed the soccer field where he played a few matches with other kids, and the dirt that covered their bodies at the end of each day was 'picture perfect'. Theyeven woke early to help the farmer make the rounds and feed the animals, giving Erwin adn I a chance to enjoy a cup of coffee in the sun. There were numerous occasions we both spoke of the terrific location, just an hour from home, yet away from the house. The go-cart didn't see a moment peace the entire duration of our stay.

We went to picnic along the Maas river, riding the ferry across the water. We attended an asparagus festival and all won a little prize, while the boys enjoyed a clown putting on a show. We visited a couple of castles and made the short trek to Germany where we shared an ice cream cone. We attended an open day for milk farmers and played games learning about cows and milk, and then sat in the sun drinking milk and eating pudding just one step from the cows long, sticky tongue.

It was a good weekend, and though the car was full to bursting carrying tents and sleeping bags and swimming gear and a grill and air mattresses and chairs, it was worth every minute, just to escape reality of everyday life, and enjoy our time together as a family. This camping on the farm...we'll be doing it again!


Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

It sounds like a wonderful break for everyone. Nigel would not have let that go-cart alone either! Or the pool! Glad all of you had such a good time.

V-Grrrl said...

This really does sound so lovely.