Busy Lives

Today I am feeling a bit disappointed. My parents are working hard at home in the midst of their Christmas tree season...life for them at this time of year is extremely busy. They work day and night trying hard to please customers with their perfect family tree, and though it's a wonderful time at Tumbleweed, it's also a time for falling into bed utterly exhausted at the end of another day. I understand this, I was raised helping during this fun, busy time. Still, I am a bit disappointed. My mom and/or dad still haven't taken a moment to call my husband to wish him a happy birthday. They were on the road hauling Christmas trees from Wisconsin on the day itself, so I understand that they couldn't call then. I hold no grudges...but it's been a day short of a week, and they still haven't called Erwin. I wish they would...I know they care about him, I know they have the thoughts to make that call, I know they wish him the best, and I know they appreciate him. I also know the time difference plays a role...but I still wish they would call just to let Erwin know all these things I already know. Erwin hasn't said a thing about it, I don't know if he's even considered that they haven't called, but I have. I'm missing this gesture from them. I sincerely believe that a simple gesture such as a quick call with a Happy Birthday can bring light to a person's life. And I feel that my husband deserves this light, deserves this from my parents. I hope they call soon. It would restore my faith in them, because though their lives are busy, family is still the most important thing of all.

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