Tonight I was tucking Jari into bed. He has a difficult time falling asleep as he is scared of monsters and ghosts and the dark and anything that has to do with night. So, Erwin or I usually tuck him in and read a story and sing songs and rub his back until he falls asleep (or we do, whichever comes first). So, tonight I was tucking him in. We had read a story together, him one page, me the next (wow, can you believe he can already read to me...real books!), and then I sang a bunch of songs, but he was still squirming around. Nederland was playing a qualifying game and I wanted to see the end, so I told him I was going to leave him and I'd check up on him in a little while.

"Okay, mama" he said reaching up to give me a kiss. "It's okay. I won't be scared cuz in my dreams James Bond will protect me."

I couldn't help but stifle a laugh as I gave him one last goodnight kiss heading to watch Nederland beat Norway 1-0. Yes, James Bond, please protect my little boy. Keep him safe all through the night, and wake him with the morning light. Amen!

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Jade said...

YAY for your team!!! :-) I remember being afraid of the dark as a kid. I would have only been so lucky to have had a mom that waited it out until I fell asleep. You rock Tera!!! Don't forget that! And if you happen to, I'll be here to remind you of it!