A Day of Okay?

Okay, so it was a day. Not a bad day by any means, but certainly contained a few downs. Let me recap.

1) I made brussel sprouts for dinner. It is the first time I have ever made them myself and thought it would be good for the kids to try a new veggie. I already knew they weren't Erwin's fave. But, I made them anyway. FAILED experiment. I won't be wasting money on them again.

2) I finished the book Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. I always feel a great sense of letdown when I finish a book. And I read a LOT of books. And I have been on a major reading streak lately and can't seem to put the book down until it's finished...or until my legs start tingling from sitting too long. Whichever comes first. Anyway, I enjoyed the book, even though the ending made me cry.

3) I was busy cleaning out our sewer today. There's nothing like a clogged sewer system to make you want to yak. As my hands fished out all the joys known to mankind, my breathing actually regulated once I got used to the smell. But, even after washing 10 times and taking a shower, I can still smell it on my body. Yuck! And, it's not yet finished. Though I managed to pull out nearly 3 buckets of goo (or is that poo), I didn't have the proper hose to actually get it unplugged.

4) My computer crashed...and remains crashed...something about: Unable to read disk error. Seems serious to me, so I will be temporarily computer-less...which is like, Awww, SHIT! Guess I'll have to get my kicks on Erwin's laptop when he gets home from work, and hope it doesn't cost an arm and leg to get the desktop fixed.

5) I have managed to develop a bladder infection. Yeah, a few dribbles a hundered times an hour with a sting that bites. Argh! Guess I will be heading into the doc for a prescription.

So, that's a bit how my day played out. Not too bad, in the greater scheme of things.


Jade said...

Wow, you had a very eventful day missy! I love brussle sprouts with a little butter and garlic salt. I had never tried them until Crys moved in with me. So it took me 22 years just to taste them, might be worth another try for you in a few years ;-)

Well...the poo thing sucks. lol I don't know many people that enjoy the smell or sight of it, but yay for you for getting a job done that needed done.

I just read a great book my Don Lee called Rack and Ruin. Its a very comically amusing read with spots of sarcasm. My favorite type.. ;-)

As for your computer...that sucks. I always enjoy checking in on your page to see how your day went. I'm not sleeping very well these days so I'll be on the computer a lot with no daily check up on you! Hope you're able to get it fixed soon and cheaply!

Know that my thoughts are always with you, and my prayers will be with you tomorrow when you finish the poo job! lol

tlawwife said...

Nicholas Sparks always makes me cry too.

I can't imagine ever getting myself convinced to clean out the sewer. Good for you!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE brussel sprouts! One of my favs! You've got to wait a little while til it starts freezing at night and then try them. They always seem a little sweeter to me then.

Sewer... uuuuughhhh.

I also get kind of down when I finish a book. I feel like the characters leave me and it may be strange, but I tend to miss them!

Your computer problem is possibly a hard drive problem, so ya might need to get a new hard drive.

Ooohh... sorry about the bladder infection. Hope it clears up soon.

One last note... I MISS YOU! I hope that you and your family are all doing well.


Alison said...

sounds like you had a totally crappy day...no pun intended. I am so sorry Tera...I hope tomorrow is better for you.