If you know me, you know my least favorite chore is ironing. I absolutely hate doing it, and do anything I can to get out of doing it. My family's clothing consists of the items least necessitated for ironing...but even then, sometimes I HAVE to iron. My husband needs shirts for work, and sometimes my kids like to wear those nicer than tshirt 'dress'shirts...and sometimes even I need to look like a less-than-frumpy mama. Still, if I don't HAVE to, I don't iron. We all live a slightly crumpled up life :-) I like it that way.

So, imagine my horror, surprise, confusion, and ecstasy when Kaeden came home Friday afternoon begging me to let him iron my tea towels. Yes, he knew all the steps and recited them proudly as I pulled out all the wares I despise for the chore...ironing board, water, iron, wrinkly towels....and he proceeded to iron my towels, something I would NEVER be inclined to iron, keeping my ironing needs to the bare minimum. He walked me through the steps to a perfectly fresh and pretty tea towel package. And he LOVED doing it!!!

So, now I am feeling quite excited about his newest classes in school...he's learning to iron? He's learning to cook? He's learning to wash dishes and mop floors and wash clothes and did I mention IRON?!?! My days of housekeeping may be coming to an end...I wonder what else I can get myself up to....

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Jade said...

YAY!!! That's so awesome that he's finding enjoyment and excitement in what he's learning. And yay for you for being able to benefit from it! Thats so awesome!

Been meaning to ask you..how have his emotions been since getting home? And...how are yours my friend? Drop me an email or blog about it when you have the time.