Kaeden In School

Last night I attended Parent-Teacher conferences for Kaeden. I came home feeling happy with the place he is in. He is enjoying school, and doing well there. His class consists of 7 kids, 2 boys and 5 girls between 12 and 15 years old, all with differing handicaps. He is no longer in an exclusive autism classroom. But, he is doing terrific!!!!! And I am so proud of his accomplishments to date. Not yet has he received a check which would limit his entry to special activities. He helps in the class, he accepts criticism from classmates, he laughs and makes jokes with them, he seems happy to be a part of the class. He does his work, and does it well. He has been able to partake in the school reward program, and his teachers told me what a joy he is to have in their class. And they also told me that after reports from his previous school behavior, they were worried...but had no reason to be.

I was glowing by the time I left the school halls. My son has found his niche, he is succeeding, and happy all in one breath. And wow, I am so glad.

When I came in the house, Kaeden was in the bathroom getting ready to brush his teeth before bed. I walked towards him and did nothing other than give him a thumbs up...and in that moment, I saw his eyes brighten with pride, I felt a connection between us as he lowered his head onto my shoulder and gave a little chuckle! "I am so proud of you, Kaeden! You are doing GREAT in school!!!" and I pulled him close, into a hug which bonded us in this special moment.

After he brushed his teeth, he asked me if I would snuggle with him in my bed. We read a story, I sang songs, and rubbed his hair, my 'little' boy snuggled tight against me. It was a moment stopped in time, remembering back to days long past when he was just a little guy, when I wasn't scared and living in a cloud of autism dust, when it just felt so perfectly right and not worrying about whether my son was happy, if he would be a success, but just relishing in the feel of him warming my body, my heart, my soul, with his love. Last nigth gave me back something that has been lost in the shuffle of life with autism. It gave me back my little boy, and all the dreams I once had for him, now slightly changed, but a dream for a happy future none-the-less. I am so proud of you, my beautiful boy!


Jade said...

Wow, this post warmed my heart. I'm so SOOOO glad that he is doing well in school and in life at the moment. That means that his teacher are doing something right, he's doing something right, and YOU are doing something right. Things have aligned to create and aide in success. I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that.

As for the closeness you were able to snag last night, it almost brought a tear to my eye. I know that that is something very much missed by the parents I work with. I am so happy that he was able to accept the excitement and pride you had for his hard work and even more happy that he decided that he was not too old for a little "Mommy and Me" time. Thats a beautiful thing and I'm so glad that you got a reminder of it. :-)

Good job my friend!

V-Grrrl said...


It has been such a long journey for you to this moment. After reading of all your pain and disappointment here and your struggles to make the best choices possible for Kaeden and your family, it's a joy to share this time with you.

Alison said...

ah Tera, this post warmed my heart..I am so happy for you...cherish these moments!!