The Neighbor Boy

Jari got out of school and immediately I heard his pleas: Please, mama, please can Jakub come and play. I already asked him. Please can he come play today?

I enjoy it when my kids have friends to play with. And I welcome a chance for them to share time with their friends. However, this particular friend is here every day, from the minute school lets out until after I send him home when our dinner is ready to eat. He lives just across the street from us, and it's a very convenient friendship. I like Jakub, I really do. He's a nice kid and never causes me any problems. He is polite...but he is NOT MY KID! And he's here far too often.

So, when Jari pleaded with me to have his friend come, I told him No, Jakub was just here ALL day yesterday, and teh day before that you had another friend here, and the day before that Jakub was here, and now I want a break from other people's kids!

Just as we were discussing why I didn't want a kid here this afternoon, the doorbell rang. Jakub was standing there, with the same pleading 'Can I play?' in his eyes that my own son was also giving me.

I reluctantly opened the door further, and told him he could play for a little while.

And that is when he gave me a HUGE smile, his blonde hair shining, his eyes twinkling and handed Jari a sucker.

"It's my very last sucker and I saved it just for Jari because he's my very best friend!" Jakub said, putting his arm around my son's shoulders. "We're best friends, huh Jari?"

As I saw the two boys embrace, their eyes sparkling with friendship, I decided maybe it's no so bad afterall. He entertains my son, they play well together, and he gives my son confidence and self-esteem and happiness. So, I pay up in cookies and drinks and finding things for them to do, but what a small price to pay to see two little boys happy, learning what it means to be giving and loving; learning what it means to share and to be a true friend.

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Jade said...

Aww thats very cute. I can definitely appreciate they're excitement.I grew up in the country where there weren't really any neighbor kids around, plus my home environment was not something I wanted to share with others.

I think its awesomely healthy that your little one has a nice home and great parents who strive to show how the little things in life can accumulate into big things, such as friendships and love.

But who says you have to be kids to have that excitement for friends :-) If we ever meet I bet we'll both have a excited shine to our eyes and I promise I'll save my last sucker for you!!! ;-)