A few things

Kaeden made the bus wait again (3 times this week). The bus teacher rang my doorbell and told me they will NOT wait again. He hasn't even gotten out of the shower when it arrives. Makes for a very stressful morning ritual for everyone. But how do I get him to get himself ready on time. Good question...one we'll be working on in the coming days. He HAS to make the bus. I have no other means of getting him to school.

Erwin and I REALLY enjoyed our time out last night. The concert was terrific. Having so many varied artists you don't have a chance to stop and catch your breath before the next one arrives. We had to leave before it was over, so we didn't see the finale. Too bad, but it was woth it to beat the crowds. Plus, my friend who was watching the kids has to work this morning and as it was, we didn't make it home til 1:30am.

I had a moment of hope for America last night. A couple of the artists asked "So, is Belgium ready for President Obama?" And the entire crowd cheered and raised their flags and clapped. I think the entire world is ready for a change. I was thrilled to hear Belgians cheering for America. That's not something they do very freely. One woman in particular sitting in the section next to us was really animated. I was wondering if she was an American. It's possible, but I just think the entire world is ready to see our nation shine again. America holds a key on so many levels for issues across the globe. I know I was cheering as well...and will be as Obama begins the work needed to put his plans into action.

Live was my favorite act last night, but I missed them playing Lightning Crashes, one of my faves. Simple Minds is my favorite band. I think because I have seen them live before it wasn't as sensational as seeing a new band, but they are always magnificent. Sinead O'Connor sang those high notes really lovely, but she sure doesn't know how to put on a crowd-pleasing performance, other than her voice. She didn't hardly move, other than tapping her shoeless foot. Midge Ure was also great as smoke rose from the stage as he sang Vienna. And the fireworks shooting through the Antwerpen Sportpaleis was quite spectacular. Oh, and the comic musicians...wow, they really kept the show moving along, making classic music something to sincerely sit back and thoroughly enjoy. Some of the biggest cheers went to the Harlem Gospel Choir which surprised me, but they really do a great job of pulling the crowd in. And the orchestra was not as magnificent as I had hoped, but they got better as the show went on. So, all in all, a very worthwhile adventure out with my husband.

My favorite moment of the evening was when Simple Minds was playing and Erwin wrapped my hand in his. I had this very real moment of truth and didn't even hear the rest of the song as I sat there thinking: This is my life. This is my husband. This is where I belong. Something so simple, yet so profound. Life is full of the very littlest of treasures when you take the time to really look around you.


Jade said...

It was so nice to read this post Tera it actually gave me goosebumps. :-)

As for Keaden...well... I have tons of ideas. One being the Schedule board I wrote about in my email to you. Laying out picture by picture what he needs to do and when it needs to get done. Waking him up earlier is also an option until he proves that he can do it in a appropriate margin on time. (All kids spectrum or not hate to get up earlier than they need to, I'm sure that will speed him up)
Preparing EVERYTHING the night before. Clothes, breakfast, school stuff...everything the night before. If you don't already do that now that is...

As for you and hubby, Im so glad that you two found each other in this huge world of ours. Love is so so powerful and can provide ultimate strength to fall back on when need be. You have had a very challenging life and you definitely deserve to have someone that will treat you like the wonderful woman that you are. Here's to another 40 years together!!! :-)

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Such a good reminder to savor the simple things in our lives - they are so worth it. Thanks for that, and also for visiting Teen Autism. Take care.