One of my favorite pasttimes is watching my little guy play soccer. I'm not one of those parents that finds it a task to have to attend another game or wash soccer clothes or be home in time for practice. It is something which brings me a great deal of joy, watching my son out on the field. I love cheering him on, giving him a thumbs up, and sometimes shouting at him to get after the ball. I'm not one of those parents that others would look at and think: Geez, she's boisterous. But, I do support my son and his team, cheering everyone on. And soccer, well, it takes up a great deal of time and interrupts our regular life when we're required to be there for games. We don't have freedom in the weekends like we did in the past, but instead our weekends circulate around when Jari will be playing. My son, he's pretty good, if I do say so myself (he's got good genes!). Soccer is his life at this point in time, and I am glad I have the opportunity to make it happen for him. I hope he will be a success and be able to further his soccer skills, and become the star he hopes to become. So, this was a pretty big soccer week, and Jari had his first ever injury. Nothing serious, but he stretched his groin and had trouble walking for a few days. I suggested he rest up and miss practice so he could play in the game this weekend. He was adamant that he go to practice. Until the day of practice, when he was walking all funny, and he came to me. "Mama, my leg hurts." I asked where, rubbed it a little, told him it'd be okay in a few days. "Mama, maybe I should stay home from practice today and rest my leg so I can play in the game this weekend." Yeah, that might be a good idea. Only you know how bad it hurts. But I would rest today. "Mama, but I can for sure play this weekend, right?" Well, it depends on whether your leg is healed or not. But you have lots of games, so if you miss one it won't matter. My son decided to stay home from practice. And by the weekend he was feeling better, walking normally again, and I wasn't worried about his injury any more. Anyway, here are some pictures of my son in action on the field. He usually plays forward as he has speed and stamina, but they still change positions on the field often. I particularly like the picture of him going in to score...see his coaches foot helping him kick the ball?
You can click on the pictures to make them larger and see his voetbal expressions!
Go Groen Star Beek!!!

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Jade said...

Very cute. I myself am a life long soccer player. I started when I was 5 and still play. Except now I'm just in a city league with other female professionals that don't have time to practice but still like to get out there and play a little ball. I need a photographer! So if you're ever in Cali let me know, you can come to one of my games, I haven't seen a picture of me playing in years!

PS thank you so much for the very sweet response you left for me on my last post. It made my heart all warm and fuzzy. Today is the day of the talk, so I'll let you know how it goes, even though you'll be there with me ;-)