Happy Birthday Erwin!

Today my husband celebrates his 39th birthday. Happy Birthday Erwin! May it be a year filled with all the glory you deserve, all the success of which you dream, and all the love that you give to us returned ten fold. Hiep, Hiep, Hoera!!! Enjoy the last of your 30's and try to remember (if you can in your 'old' age) where you put your keys, wallet, and slippers!!!
In other news, look at all this snow!!! It just kept coming down and I was quite excited to see a thick blanket covering the ground last night. Too bad it's nearly gone this morning, but at least I had my moment.

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Jade said...

Happy Birthday Erwin!!! Its a shame I have to work today and that it's only 8:30 am here or I would have a shot of Whiskey in honor or Erwins birthday! hehe.

I love the snow!!! So jealous of you. Here in this part of CA it doesn't snow, you have to take a hour drive east to get any of the white stuff. But it always feels like a little gift to me if I'm ever anywhere and it starts snowing. :-) Hope you made the seasons first snow angel!