The Times: Changing.

Back in 1955, Rosa Parks was the first known black woman to take a seat on a public bus. She was tired of being discriminated against for her color. Throughout all these years, black Americans have struggled to be equal to their white American counterparts. Today, another first has become a reality for America. In this historic presidential race, Barack Obama was voted, by the American people, as our next president, our next leader. He is a black man. And his is the new image of the American family, granting each African-American a chance to see equality, a chance to feel that slavery is finally a thing of the past. Congratulations, America, on change that is about to take place. Congratulations, Americans, on voting in fresh blood, someone who will bring about the needed changes for America to shine. Congratulations, Obama, and success in your work as you help America climb.


Anonymous said...

I'm SO HAPPY and I feel so proud of the whole democratic process. I don't even know what to say. I'm just happy to see the ideology of the Bush era coming to an end and signs of hope and forward momentum beginning.


Jen said...

I'm ecstatic!