Busy? Crazy? Preoccupied? Other?

This morning after my shower I grabbed my toothbrush and got ready to brush my teeth. When I stuck my toothbrush in my mouth, I had a distinct feeling of something is not right here, and then my tastebuds were treated to a chalky, powdery spit-it-out fast treat. I looked at my toothbrush, but didn't see anything unusual...until I glanced in my other hand and noticed that I was holding my deodorant stick. Yum, lekker suave powder-fresh deo stick flavor. At least my mouth should have smelled good and not sweat today! But seriously, using deodorant to brush my teeth. What is going on with my mind these days?


Jen said...

Holy cow! Please tell me that they are at least the same size/tube style/color?!

Anonymous said...

At least it wasn't hemmoroid cream :P