This Is Me.

Today, when I picked Jari up from school, he glanced my way, turned, and then did a double take. As he came towards me with a BIG grin on his face, uncertainty in his eyes, he said "Mama, I didn't even know it was you. You changed your hair." Yes, I dyed my hair today. The greys were peeking through more than to my liking, and I did the necessary deed...and I have never been so dark in all my life. Today, Jari's little friend came to ask him over to play after school. When I opened the door he said "Tera, you look different. You changed your hair." Yes, I dyed my hair today. It's dark, very dark, darker than I have ever had it before. It doesn't look natural to me, being brown instead of a lighter shade nearing blonde. But this is me. Recognize me or not, take me as I am. This is me, whether blonde or brown, happy or sad, laughing or crying. This is me. I am always me on the inside, whatever my outside shows. Whether I am fat or skinny, angry or at peace, I am me. And today, I am a brown me...a dark me...a happy me...but I am still me. Take me as I am.


Jen said...
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Jen said...

Love the new hair! :D

Jade said...

I like the new color! :-) It wont last forever, have fun with it! :-) cut it, color it, tease it,curle it. It will always go back to its normal state with enough time!

Hehe just caught up on your most recent posts. LOL I thought I was the only one to have ever brushed my teeth with my deoderant before!