Spiderman Monopoly

I just spent 2 1/2 hours playing Spiderman Monoploy with my kids. It started out fun, til I started losing. It seems I always lose. Then I don't waana play no more. I feel like throwing the dice across the room. I wanna crinkle up the money. I wanna break pewter Spidey in two. And I wanna tell my kids I am done, done, done as they laugh every time I land on their skyscrapers, every time I get sent (yet again) to jail, every time they pass over my skyscrapered properties, every time I have to pay the hospital bills for Aunt May. Argh! It's one of those love to hate things going on with me. I love playing with my kids, but I hate being a loser. And when it comes to Spidey Monopoly I always am. A loser that is. Plus, 2 1/2 hours...it just ain't so much fun more after a little while of seeing their giggling faces peering back at me as my eyes burn with disgust. I wonder if they know I hate Spiderman Monoploy. I doubt it, cuz I always play when they ask. They probably think Spidey is my FAVORITE game in the world. They probably think I love handling the money all curled from millions of play dates we've shared. They probably think Spidey never makes it back to the game cupboard just so I can play it again and again and again with them, day in and day out. I wonder what'll happen when Spidey suddenly gets hidden, deep in a dark corner of the mittens and scarf cupboard, where my angels NEVER peek. I wonder if they'll be sad for mommy, that she can't play her FAVORITE game with them, yet again and again and again. Spidey makes me crazy. But I just love going crazy. It's a love/hate relationship...just me and Spiderman. And all that money with those Spidey figures. And the dice...double 2's I get 200 euro, double 6's I can win a property...but I never do. I always shake too low and never get what I want. Then I wanna throw the dice. Then I wanna crunch up Spidey's face on those fake Spidey euros. Then I wanna be the bad guy. yeah, Spidey Monoploy turns me into Black Spidey 3. I like Black Spidey. His costume is really cool. Did you know if I throw double 5's I can pick a Black Spidey card? I like getting Double 5's. Oh yeah. That's FUN! Then Spidey is my FAVORITE game. Spiderman Monopoly. It's a love/hate relationship. But mostly, it's just that I love my kids.

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