Letter to Santa

Jari is writing his letter to Santa. He always leaves his note with his cookies and milk on the table before heading to bed on Christmas Eve. Only, he believes Santa prefers Coca-Cola, so usually Santa gets Coke at our house. Anyway, his Christmas letter is private, I am not allowed to read it. But he asked me how to spell reindeer, so it must say something about reindeer. But then he got his markers and started drawing. I'm going to make a candy cane and lights and Santa's hat and a wreath and presents. He drew all these things happily telling me all the reasons they are on his picture. And then he says: I am going to draw Jesus and the nativity on my picture. Santa will like that, because Jesus is the reason we have Christmas. Santa just brings us presents but Jesus gave us the moon and the stars.

And then I felt like a good mom, that my son knows the true meaning of Christmas. The end.

****I sneaked a peek at his letter to Santa:

Santa, I want you to bring me a bell from one of your reindeer. Love Jari 2008

****And yet another reason for me to feel like a good mom. My son has the Christmas magic in his heart. And yes, I still hear the bell ring. I believe in the magic of Christmas!

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Jade said...

You are a good mom Tera. You're a WONDERFUL mom! I will never doubt that. And it is all reinforced by the fact that your children have that magical spark in their hearts. Parents who really work at it raise kids with these sparks.
And you've got 3 beautiful sparks going, 2 for the boys and one for your heart, there's definitely a spark in there.

Merry Christmas My Friend!