Everything Christmas

Yeah, I'm finally truly getting into the Christmas spirit. Last night our choir put on our Christmas concert and party and when I went back to help clean up after getting the boys to bed everyone was drunkenly dancing through the streets, singing silly songs, and you couldn't help but get drawn into their antics. Oma and opa stopped by in the afternoon to see our tree, which really is pretty. I was busy getting ready for the concert and didn't really have a chance to visit with them. I felt a bit distant and later realized maybe I seemed a bit rude to them. I hope not. I hope they realized I was just having a busy day.

I called and talked to my mom for a few minutes and could hear her excitement about their upcoming Christmas celebration. My entire immediate family will be sharing Christmas in a rented cabin in the mountains. It sounds like so much fun. Helaas, I won't be able to share in the fun this time around.

Next, I talked to my brother. I haven't spoken to him since I have been back from summer vacation. It was nice to catch up and feel connected again. His family is living in a camper and when I called they were at my sister-in-laws parents house showering. Seems their water has been frozen for a month and showers are comign few and far between. They were getting ready to go out Christmas shopping. Sounds like the wish lists of my niece and nephew are bigger than those of my own little friends. Snowmobiles. Nothing else shall do.

I was busy on the phone this weekend, as I also talked to my gramma. They are planning a quiet Christmas celebration with lots of snow to keep them indoors. Sounds as if my grampa may be having a harder time with his memory. He looks at the Christmas cards they have received and each time its all new to him once again. As sad as it is, it also has a certain charm. Think of how surprising life would remain if you didn't have your memory, other than that of the past. All the wonderful memories to retain, yet everythign staying new and exciting.

Today, the boys and I sat down with Lego and built some Christmas goodies. But, as it turns out, I was the only one to actually complete something Christmas themed. Jari made a castle (what a surprise) and insisted that castles have everything to do with Christmas. He set it up under the tree. Kaeden made an airplane which he flew through the house trying to attack Jari's castle as Jari explained to him that there were no helicopters in castle days so it didn't count. My Santa is quite charming.
We also got busy with flour, rolling pins, and cookie cutters to begin our Christmas cookie marathon. It's an activity I really enjoy doing with the boys, and they were more than happy to oblige. We haven't started decorating yet, but they taste yummy (except for the rock-hard, burnt first batch I left in too long), and will make Santa very happy come Christmas eve. I was very busy rolling out dough as they can shape them much faster than I can roll it out. I think I got to make one cookie, but will probably get stuck with decorating the majority. Though it's exciting, the thrill wears off quickly.
With the Christmas music playing in the background, the lights twinkling through the house, adn the smell of gingerbread wafting through the air, as well as a stack of cards from family and friends in my mailbox, who couldn't be looking forward to this special day? I, for one, am.

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Jade said...

Ohhh I wish you and your family the bestest of Christmas's my friend!

Big hugs to you! ((((((Tera)))))