Jari asked me to play soccer. "Sure," I told him. "As soon as mama hangs out the wash to dry." I began the job, the sun still just peeking out from a darkening sky, the wind blowing strong enough to let it dry before the rain. "Mama, if I help you, we can play soccer faster," said my soccer-maniac son. And so he began to help, reaching up to the washline to gather some clothes pins.

"How do I do this?" he asked, grabbing a t-shirt and crumpling it into a ball on the line. "Jari, t-shirts have to be hung straight so they aren't all wrinkly. Like this..." I showed him. Then, I divided our piles, giving him socks, undies and washcloths while I took the bigger atricles of clothing.

We were busy for awhile, getting everything strung out, when suddenly Jari perks up loud and clear "Mama, THESE are BIG undies. I think I need TWO pins for these," as he holds up a pair of MY undies outstretching his arms.

He hung up the undies and then I saw him considering the situation. "Mama," he questioned. "Those are very big undies for a very big butt. Those are your undies, huh mama? I think those were supposed to go in YOUR pile!"

Nothing like a little reality check in the day to day living of life!


Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Ha! I was going to write something about how sweet of him to want to help until I read what he said about your undies! Out of the mouths of babes!

Casdok said...

Oh dear! I had to laugh!!!

So this is blogging... said...

Okay, so what is up with his always pointing out your size? Doesn't he know there's just more of you to love? :)

Jade said...

Ohh my. Don't you just love the things that come out of kids mouths?
This weekend I will set up a facebook account. I miss staying. In touch with you and if that's what it takes to do it than so be it.
I wish that we didn't have a 8 hour time difference. But we do. So I will try to navigate around it.
Please know that you are thought about often.