Playing games is something I love to do with the boys. And they always happily trudge upstairs to our overflowing game cupboard and bring down something to entertain us. I usually allow them free reign of what they want to play, and it frequently comes down to three or four daily choices. Jari's favorite is Dinosaur Monopoly. He loves hearing about where the dinos come from and repeating their difficult to pronounce names. It's a fun game.

Anyway, we were playing Dino Monopoly and Jari won yet another dinosaur. As he repested the name with some difficulty and the fact that this dino came from Wyoming, where gramma and grampa live, he suddenly had his own insight. "Mama, did you know that grampa shot all the dinosaurs and so there are no more?" Hmmm, well, the dinos were all dead before grampa was born. "No, grampa likes to hunt and he shot them all and that's why there are no more." So, all the dinos are extinct cuz grampa shot them all? Do you think he likes to eat dinosaur meat? "Hahahaha, that would taste funny. I could cook a spike like a french fry!" Yum, yum YUM! "No, grampa just likes to eat deer meat. He can shoot all the 'deers' now cuz he already got all the dino's."

I thought this was pretty funny. He sincerely believes that because many of the dinosaurs lived in Wyoming, that grampa was the cause for their demise. As many times as I have explained extinction to him, he thinks grampa is the dinosaur hero. And who am I to extinguish his dinosaur/grampa-grandson fantasies?

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