The Tooth Fairy has landed

Pure magic. Last night Jari hid his tooth buried in the folds of his Superman pillow. It was secure in one of mama's ring boxes and after the trauma of losing his first tooth subsided, he was excited to see what the tooth fairy might bring. When he awoke this morning (papa woke him cuz he wanted to share in his excitement before he left for work), he came downstairs with his box and exclaimed "Het engeltje (The little angel) took my tooth and left me money!!!" He got a euro which he happily stuffed into his Kabouter Plop piggy bank so he could bring it to the real bank to deposit into his savings. His total Plop savings is up to 16,20 and he was quite impressed with that amount.

I can't quit looking at his mouth. Those little pink lips that once suckled at my breast, toothless and sweet, now contain a new hole where baby teeth will be replaced by "big people" teeth. Where oh where does the time go? As he walks around the house catching a ball singing "The tooth fairy came! The tooth fairy came!" with a refrain of "Look how high I can throw this mom", my heart flutters. I miss my sweet little baby, but wow, what a great kid he's turning out to be. His laughter brightens my world, his playful manner makes me jiggle in dance, his tight hugs envelop me in love...I wonder what will come once his big people teeth fill his mouth?

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