Jari Smarts

We were putting our stickers on our reward charts last night. And I was rewarded with a huge, hearty laugh that came from deep in my belly and flowed out into the world. Just how did that happen?

Mama: Jari, did you clean up your room today?

Jari: It is clean.

Mama: Then you can put a sticker here (pointing to the appropriate circle)

Jari: (Taking sticker and looking at me with a smile) If I NEVER play in my room, I'll NEVER have to clean it and I'll ALWAYS get a sticker!!!


Papa: (watching and listening from the background) Or you COULD just play with your toys and then CLEAN THEM UP when you're done... (Isn't he just imaginative??!!! ha!)

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tlawwife said...

I like your sticker charts. Trucks are always good.