Donker Betekent Dat Het Eng Is

aka The Dark Means That It's Scary

I picked Jari up from school this afternoon. We were biking to town to get some groceries and he started telling me all about babies and dreams. The theme in his class this week is babies and he's quite intrigued by it all. He tells me that babies don't know anything. I told him babies know when they are hungry and that's why they cry. He said, "Yeah, and they know that when it's dark out, that it's scary. That's why babies have little dreams and big boys have big dreams and I'm a big boy and that's why I have big dreams about bears and stuff." I asked if HE thought it was scary when it's dark out. I heard him sigh from his bike seat behind me and respond sarcastically with "Well, what do YOU think???!!!" I held in my laugh as I told him that dark doesn't mean scary, cuz there are nice things like the moon and stars that we can see if it's dark. I don't think he was convinced as he finished our conversation. "Yeah, and I can jump in bed between mama and papa and then it's not scary any more."

And to think I had no real idea how scared he is of the dark...hmmmm...

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