After weeks of trying to reach the consulate in Antwerpen, Erwin finally got through...and now the date is set! June 13 we head on over to turn me into a Dutchie!!! I am feeling extremely nervous about all of this, now that the time is finally here. All my paperwork is in order, but what kind of test is he going to give me? Will my Dutch be good enough to pass as a citizen? Am I going to have to sing the national Wilhelmus anthem? Am I going to have to know all about the Dutch goverment and royal family? Will I understand his Dutch well enough to understand his questions? My stomach is fluttering with butterflies at the prospect of handing over 400 euro with my integrity on the line.

I am so excited at the prospect of becoming a dual-citizen. Being able to keep my American passport as well as have my Dutch one will give me a great peace of mind. I will have all the rights as a Dutch citizen, since I will be a Dutch citizen! Doesn't that sound terrific? I think it does. And if anything should happen to my husband, I will have the security of knowing I am welcome in Europe...anyplace in Europe will be mine for the taking. I will be able to collect a pension, I will be able to vote, I will be able to cross borders as a European without waiting in the non-EU line!! My home will be completely mine without needing to pay higher taxes. I will be completely integrated into this life I have created for myself here in Europe. It's exciting stuff, I tell ya!

So, off to read some more news and get myself conditioned for any questions that might come my way. I just hope that I am able to pass with flying colors...God knows I've had to do plenty of flying these past 7 years!!! Now comes the real test...none of that 24 hour flight stuff...this is a life-long flight, and one I fully expect to conquer. Wish me luck...I'm gonna need it!

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