This afternoon, Kaeden put on the video of our wedding. As I ironed my husband's shirts, I looked back at the memorable day that set us out on our married life. It was such a beautiful wedding, such a beautiful day, and it was as close to perfection as we could have gotten. I watched as the emotions ran high when it was my turn to say my vows, as tears fell down my cheeks. I watched as my baby played in the sand and then cried for milk the entire ceremony. I watched as my son released butterflies into the sky, and one wouldn't leave his hand. I watched as Jari went running behind the rocks and my mom went to collect him. I watched as my dad wiped tears from his eyes as Daddy's girl was sung by my godmother and good friend. I watched as my grandparents sat next to each other on some blocks of wood, and as my brothers and their families sat scattered among the rocks. I watched as my father-in-law sang Ave Maria, and as my mother-in-law wiped at her eyes with a handkerchief pulled from her bra. I watched as my sister-in-law handed over our rings to my husband...the wrong ones! I watched all of this, and remembered...remembered all the reasons I chose to marry my wonderful husband. In the daily chore of life, those special things about that person you love, your mate in life, is forgotten or set aside, but when you sit and think about who you chose to be your partner in life, all that wonder comes flowing through your veins again, as powerful and mind-boggling as that first kiss you shared.

I am so happy I married my husband. He supports me, he loves me, he gives, and he loves my children more than any other man I know could have. He is my ideal man. And as I watched those visions of our marriage day, I am happy that in the ups and downs we've experienced since that day, my love for him has never faltered, but grown more and become stronger. Mr. and Mrs. Erwin ......, voor altijd...en een dag! Ik hou van jou! ;-)

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